Your Privacy Rights & the Census

Have you noticed that the census questions continue to become more and more invasive?Things such as…

  • your disabilities
  • how much income you receive
  • where you get income from
  • your housing costs
  • how many cars you own
  • how much you pay for insurance
  • if you receive food stamps
  • if you pay for utilities

The constitutions allows us to be counted once every ten years, and not more.  To interact with you in any way, the constitution must give the government authorization to do that.  The government does not have authorization to demand private information from you, or even your name.  

Here are a few questions that the census bureau has been asked but has declined to answer:

  1.  from where does the census bureau derive authority to demand our private information?
  2. is there any limit to the amount and type of private information that the census bureau may demand and collect?
  3. the fourth amendment prohibits government search and seizure of private information without a warrant based on probably cause.  current census policies violate that, do they not?
  4. by what constitutional authority does the census bureau threaten penalties for failure to provide private information?
  5. bureau claims it maintains privacy of personal information.  are there circumstances under which law enforcement or spy agencies can access census information?
  6. presumably, since census data may be subpoenaed by law enformcent, may individuals refuse to answer questions under the fifth amendment?
  7. what has the bureau decided to collect GPS coordinate for every home?
  8. virtually eery gov database has been lost, hacked or compromised, would the census bureaus claim of data security be an outright lie or highly improbable?
  9. how would bureau locate, protect and compensate this individuals whose data becomes compromised?
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