Talking Points

Use these questions to correspond with your officials and boards.

Ask the questions one by one via email.

Talking Points

1. How much money is your body/agency receiving from the state and federal government in emergency aid?

2. What are the LEGAL GROUNDS for a “local health emergency” according to state law?

3. What evidence (as required by state law) have the health officers submitted to you that supports their orders?

4. Why have you given away your authority by allowing the health officers to defy your requests for information?

5. You are aware that YOU WORK FOR THE PUBLIC, and THE PUBLIC DEMANDS YOU TERMINATE this “local health emergency” by VOTE today!

6. Are you aware that UNLESS YOU TERMINATE this unlawful “local health emergency” — the public is moving ahead with a very VISIBLE LAWSUIT and all the media to go along with it?

7. Why are you breaking state, federal and local laws by allowing the continuance of this local health emergency, which violates state law?

8. Why are you PERPETRATING FRAUD ON THE PUBLIC by allowing a local health emergency to continue when there are no grounds to do so?

9. You are aware that you EACH of you are COMPLICIT in fraud by INTENTIONALLY MISREPRESENTING THE INFORMATION about this “local health emergency” for monetary gain? In other words, you are allowing this “local health emergency” to stand in order to get state and federal funds. This is FRAUD, which is a FELONY, and which carries a PRISON SENTENCE.

10. Are you prepared for LEGAL ACTION AGAINST YOU PERSONALLY for your FRAUDULENT actions (a felony, with a prison sentence) by not terminating the local health emergency, as required by law?

11. Are you prepared to FACE A PRISON SENTENCE FOR FRAUD, by intentionally misrepresenting the “local health emergency” just so you can get state and federal funds?


12. You already are aware that there is no reputable medical science and evidence that supports healthy people wearing masks, so why do you support this?

13. Would you explain how my RELIGIOUS BELIEFS protect me (or not) from having to wear a mask?

14. When and where do YOU PERSONALLY WEAR A MASK and is it a sterile and hygienic mask that is kept clean and disposed of between each interaction, and put on and removed after washing your hands, according to CDC guidelines?

15. Why do you CONDONE DISCRIMINATION against those with medical conditions, who cannot hear people who are wearing a mask?

16. Why do you condone and support the masking of the public, going against all evidence presented to you by competent medical doctors and mental health professionals, who testify of the psychological and physical trauma this masks create?

17. Can you tell me why you SUPPORT the public being HARASSED and INTIMIDATED in places of business, when our state civil code protects me from discrimination based on my medical condition, and allows for my “free and equal” access to all business establishments of any kind, whatsoever?

18. Why do you continue to put the ELECTORATE at EXTREME PERIL of health risks and DEATH, as testified by countless licensed physicians, associated with wearing masks?

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