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Approximately 99.9%+ of individuals who contract COVID will have mild to moderate symptoms and recover, just like with the flu. The majority of deaths are coming from the 0.62% of the population who are in nursing home facilities” – read more (page 8) of The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Guide for Home-Based Treatment

Read Dr. Zelenko’s statement to the U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security

Read an interview with Dr. Zelenko where he describes that Dr. Fauci knew about the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine since 2005 and how Fauci called it a “miracle” drug.

Hear real stories of high-risk Covid survivors

Treatment should be given early
The government is trying to stop you from knowing that treatment exists and works and that it should be given early!! Read more here.

Drug/medicine study databases

  1. Research studies on hydroxychloroquine
  2. Research studies on Ivermectin
  3. Research studies on Vitsmin D
  4. Research studies on Zinc
  5. Research studies on REGN-COV2
  6. Research studies on LY-COV
  7. Research studies on Remdesivir



  • CCHF created an “Early Treatment” page with the names of doctors and organizations who are actually treating Covid-19 patients early with medications that stop viral replication in its tracks, avoiding most hospitalization, ventilators and death. CCHF’s page also includes resources for “Long Covid” treatment. For people who are experiencing ongoing, long-term debilitating fatigue, brain fog and difficulty breathing, there is good news! In an interview with the physician/researcher who helped to establish the Chronic Covid Treatment Center, he said long-ill patients are getting back to near-normalcy within four to six weeks.

Understand how EFFICACY is calculated for vaccines and drugs
Dr. Cowan explains that drug companies report the “benefit” of a drug or vaccine using “reduced risk reduction“, but they report injuries using “absolute risk reduction.” Absolute risk reduction should be used for both!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTrJ2KphH1I&t=1m06s

Get Hydroxychloroquine


If you or a loved one has had coronavirus, share your experience here to help doctors. If you’re a doctor, join the doctor’s group discussing real solutions: Dr. Zelenko’s crowdprotocol.com website, live since June 22, 2020.

Mexico’s President has made sure that the people have access to cheap and effective treatment for Covid-19; why have Fauci and other players in the United States tried to ban them?

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