Learn from & connect with others (3 parts)

  1. Learn about what efforts are already in progress in your area and in other counties and states, and financially support them.
  2. Connect with the organizations in your area and build on efforts already in progress.
    1. Join the Facebook group Stop The Corruption Minnesota and post and share your video-taped interactions with others while asserting your rights
    2. Connect with lots of other orgs too: https://minnesotan.community/advocacy-organizations/
  3. Join the Voter Database
    www.MakeAmericansFreeAgain.com is amassing a voter database, and dividing it by district.
    Founder Pam Popper has done a lot of research about how elections are won. If one can get a big enough voter database, we can unite and take people out of office who aren’t doing what they should be doing if we have enough numbers in the voter database for each district that will not vote for the individual. Watch her explain the effort here.
  4. When you are done, move on to Step 6: take action by filing reports and complaints, emailing officials, asserting your rights when business and orgs violate them, and taking legal action if necessary.
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