Join the district voter database. Take out bad politicians. Cut the crap.

The Plan: A Simple Platform 

Millions of Americans are adding their names to the voter database, around a very simple, easily understandable platform:

I want the freedom to accept or reject vaccination for myself and my minor children. The state or federal government cannot force me or my minor children to be vaccinated without my express permission.”

We are one-issue voters. We agree to vote for politicians who are for our platform and we vote out those who are not. Watch MAFA founder explain the effort here. We make this choice regardless of party affiliation and without any consideration for other political issues, understanding that there is no issue more important than the basic freedom from unwanted and potentially dangerous medical intervention.

We stop wasting our time educating and negotiating. We remind politicians – “You only have jobs because we elected you and we can un-elect you!” If they don’t sign the document saying they will do as we ask, we take that as a ‘no’ and vote them out. Simple. Cut the crap.

Join the voter district database:

Make Americans Free Again is amassing a voter database, and dividing it by district. Founder Pam Popper has done a lot of research about how elections are won. If one can get a big enough voter database, we can unite and take people out of office who aren’t doing what they should be doing if we have enough numbers in the voter database for each district that will not vote for the individual.

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