Good bills proposed

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HF 2159: Allow Businesses Say No to Walz
CCHF worked with legal experts and state legislators to write a bill permitting businesses to refuse to conform with the Governor’s executive orders. The bill was introduced by Rep. Eric Lucero (R-Dayton).

Vaccine choice
Call/email your state Senator and state representative to sign on to support these. Also, ask them to pass a “Vaccine Bill of Rights.”

  • SF 1589: Ban vaccine passports and proof of immunization needed to access services, etc. Communicable diseases contact tracing, digital contact tracing, immunizations, communicable disease testing, and required disclosures limits establishment; data destruction requirement; employer mandatory digital contact tracing prohibition; civil penalties. introduced by Senator Michelle Benson
  • HF 533: Employers prohibited from disciplining or discharging employees for immunization refusal, and civil action remedies provided – another good bill that Dr. Jensen and Gruenhagen ran last session, and Representative Gruenhagen (Republican) has filed again. Please contact your state representatives and ask them to support this important bill.  A bill for an act relating to employment; prohibiting employers from discipline or discharge for employee or applicant refusal to immunize; providing civil action remedies; proposing coding for new law in Minnesota Statutes, chapter 181.
  • HF 452: Statutory immunization requirement exemption provided for sincerely held religious belief. A bill for an act relating to education; providing for an exemption from statutory immunization requirements for a sincerely held religious belief; amending Minnesota Statutes 2020, section 121A.15, subdivisions 3, 3a, 8.
  • HF 2825: make vaccine makers liable again in court so we can sue them for injury/death
    A resolution memorializing the President and Congress to hold vaccine manufacturers liable for design defects that result in adverse side effects from vaccines.

Lead safety

  • HF 2008: make landlords accountable for lead contamination

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