File a claim of injury with HHS

  • Social distancing and wearing a face mask is defined as clinical research by the FDA standard of clinical research
  • You have been forced to participate in these epidemiological experiments without your consent, which is a violation of law
  • Congress passed a law in 1986 which give us a remedy

David Martin explains more in his video:  Informed Consent: You’re a Lab Rat. Link to the slides used in his video. This experiment you are forced to participate in is lacking:

  • an institutional review board
  • an independent doctor

Because this is illegal, you are entitled to file a claim. 


8:13​ Declaration under the public readiness and emergency preparedness act for medical countermeasures:

10:00​ L Song Richardson’s article “When Human Experimentation is Criminal:”

12:45​ U.S vs. Stanley case:


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