Walz tyranny termination vote fails 62-63 & 150 business to open 12/16

Good and bad news…

Senate Republicans gave you the vote to End Walz’ Emergency Powers yesterday. And to our surprise, six Democrats joined them in terminating Walz’ powers. That shows momentum!

The bad news is that the Resolution failed in a 62-63 vote in the Democrat controlled Minnesota House in the early morning hours today. And this vote happened after Republicans and Democrats passed the Walz’ Shutdown bailout with your tax money. 


It’s depressing watching the political class, uniparty continue to trample on our rights and spend recklessly. But fortunately for us, our civil disobedience strategy seems to be working.

Minnesota heroes Larvita and Jane still REFUSE to obey Governor Walz illegal and unconstitutional orders. Their strength and courage is paving a path for a mass disobedience tomorrow.

150 businesses will be reopening on Wednesday in defiance of Governor Walz. If we can’t get the legislature to do the right thing in December, then ‘We the People’ can take matters in our own hands.

I know what you’re thinking: give me the list of businesses participating in the mass disobedience. As you can imagine, the organizers don’t want to make Keith Ellison’s job easier. So check with your local restaurant and bar – ask them if they plan to open up in defiance of the Governor. 

We hope to completely undermine Governor Walz’ authority. His tyrannical run is coming to an end. The next time the legislature shows up, a new batch of legislators take office. Liberty champions like Erik Mortensen won’t rest until Governor Walz’s Emergency Powers are GONE!

SIDE NOTE: Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Jane Moss Legal Fund yesterday. We’re already 60% of the goal in the first day. That’s amazing!

Make sure to check action4liberty.com for the latest on our fight against Walz’ Illegal Emergency Powers. We need to start building for January when the math is on our side, and we can finally End Walz’ Emergency Powers once and for all!

Information obtained from Action 4 Liberty

Update in Lawsuit to Undo Governor Walz’s “Emergency” Powers

As we head into the holiday season, Governor Walz continues to enjoy dictatorial “emergency” powers he first asserted way back in March. The legislature has been sidelined when it comes to making policy and enacting laws. The People have lost their representation.

Now, even as the Michigan Supreme Court just decided that their governor’s exercise of emergency powers violated their state’s constitution, Governor Walz has proclaimed new restrictions on Minnesotans that reach into our homes.

Meanwhile, Minnesota Courts are slow-walking resolution of our important lawsuit challenging the Governor Walz’s unprecedented, and unending seizure of unilateral legislative power.

We need your support to end this outrageous power grab. Your contribution to the First Liberties Defense Fund can make the difference.

Free Minnesota, joined by the New House Republican Caucus and other legislators challenged the governor’s emergency power declarations and orders in a lawsuit filed in May. After frequently overturned left-wing judge Thomas Gilligan dismissed the case, the coalition filed immediately for appeal and asked the Minnesota Supreme Court to examine the case on an expedited basis, since it is a constitutional question that will likely end up before the high court, anyhow.

Disappointingly, the Supreme Court denied expedited review, first requiring a hearing in the Minnesota Court of Appeals. This move allows the governor to continue bypassing the legislature and exercising dictatorial powers even longer while our case is slow-walked through the legal process.

Our lawsuit remains the best chance for restoring the constitutional balance of power in Minnesota’s government and costs continue to accrue as the case is dragged out. The Michigan Supreme Court case was a big win for the rule of law! It weighs heavily in our favor as a persuasive authority and we need your help to see this through.

Throughout history, those who’ve assumed dictatorial powers are loathe to relinquish them. They have to be forced.

Make a contribution to the First Liberties Defense Fund to help us restore the legislature to its constitutional place as the lawmaking body and representatives of the People.

Attorney Erick Kaardal of Mohrman, Kaardal & Erickson, PA is representing Free Minnesota in this landmark case.

Information obtained from www.FreeMinnesota.net

NIH Limiting Early Treatment for COVID Patients a Death Sentence for Many Americans

By Dain Pascocello | October 22, 2020

LOS ANGELES, CA – The National Institutes of Health (NIH) recently announced that the federal agency would take the radical step of prohibiting early treatments nationwide for COVID-infected patients, except those already hospitalized and requiring oxygen. America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) founder Dr. Simone Gold, M.D., J.D., FABEM released the following statement in response to the decision.

“The measures taken by federal health officials to limit early treatment options for COVID-infected patients are nothing short of a death sentence for Americans. We stand with concerned physicians trying to preserve the doctor-patient relationship against government overreach and flawed science. Had this guidance been in place a month ago, President Trump would have been denied treatment at Walter Reed Medical Center. AFLDS urges the President to immediately reject such biased recommendations and continue to advocate for early treatment consistent with findings laid out in the American Journal of Medicine in early August.”

See the original article: https://www.americasfrontlinedoctors.com/nih-limiting-early-treatment/

Ramsey lawsuit, recall Walz effort

Update from Action 4 Liberty

1. Why don’t we sue Governor Walz?

There are several lawsuits currently in the Minnesota court system. One lawsuit filed in Ramsey County was thrown out by the judge. Other counties are considering the merits of cases involving the business shutdown and mask mandates.

We are crossing our fingers that these lawsuits are successful, but take the position that the political route is a much better route than hoping a judge rules in favor of the Constitution. In these days, judges rarely rule against the government in favor of liberty. 

2. How does the ruling against the Pennsylvania governor affect us?

Although rare, the cases in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are ones that actually ruled in favor of liberty.  As you may remember, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled against Governor Evers earlier this year.

The ruling in Pennsylvania was decided by a federal judge, a Trump appointee. “The Wolf administration’s pandemic policies have been overreaching, arbitrary and violated citizens’ constitutional rights” wrote the judge in his opinion. 

I know what you are thinking…substitute “Walz” for “Wolf” and the same thing should apply. Unfortunately, that case was specific for the state of Pennsylvania and is in a completely separate federal district than the one Minnesota is in.

3. What’s the status of the Recall Walz effort?

Our team is supporting the great patriots behind the Recall Walz effort. This governor should pay the price for what he did to our economy and liberties. We’ve found out since taking on this battle that Minnesota recall law is one of the worst in the country and is proving to be a difficult, but not impossible, objective.

There have been two recall petitions accepted by the Secretary of State and presented to the MN Supreme Court. Both of those petitions were rejected by the Chief Justice. Every time this happens, it requires the legal team to evaluate the reason behind the rejection, then make adjustments with the next submission.A new petition was submitted this last week which establishes that Walz, in mandating face coverings under EO 20-81, acted contrary to substantive legal precedent. This time, the Court cannot ignore Walz’s brazen misconduct.As this Petition explains, Walz has acted unlawfully by giving himself the power to usurp and suspend three Minnesota statutes. Two statutes are even within the Emergency Management Law. In particular, Walz’s face covering mandate requires Minnesota to violate Minn. Stat. § 609.735, which criminally prohibits face coverings unless, as relevant here, for medical treatment. If Walz argues the face coverings are treatment, then he violates Minn. Stat. § 12.39 prohibiting the governor from mandating treatment. Finally, Walz ignores Minn. Stat. § 12.32, which does not allow the Governor to suspend statutes even during a declared emergency.If we succeed at the Supreme Court level, then we will have to gather voter signatures statewide. We’ve helped build signers of the Recall effort to prepare for the 90 day period where the law requires us to capture over 600,000 voter signatures. 

Help end Walz “Powers”

Another House Democrat came our way on Ending Walz’ Emergency Powers. 

We went into Friday’s vote needing five Democrats to turn against their Party’s governor, and we got one more. But getting these remaining four is proving to be quite the feat.

Action 4 Liberty is prepared to go directly to the voters in these four vulnerable Democratic districts. These four democrats have conservative opponents who would make great state reps come November. If we can’t end Walz’ Emergency Powers during the October Special Session, then the legislators who stand with Walz must be voted out in November’s election. Real lives are at stake.

A small business in Hastings is being fined by Walz’ Small Business Hit Squad for nearly $8k because an employee wasn’t wearing a mask. It’s hard enough for these business to make ends meet after the Governor shut them down for two months, now he’s penalizing them for non-compliance with his illegal orders.

Challenge Walz’ illegal orders and you are likely to find yourself in court or paying large fines. Walz went after Kris Schiffler back in May for opening his restaurant early. Kris was faced with the dilemma: suffer one more week of no revenue and see his business fail or defy the governor and stand a chance of turning a profit.

Walz even went after the North Star Stampede Rodeo in Effie. I was chatting with the legislative candidate up there yesterday and it sounds like folks are still fed up with the Governor’s overreach in their neck of the woods.

Is this the Minnesota you want?

Of course the Democrat representatives in these areas could care less that their Party’s Governor is harming their constituents. So it’s our job to let the voters know the truth!

We’re taking our message directly to voters in their districts so they know exactly how they are killing businesses and trampling on our civil liberties. As politicians like Brad Tabke are campaigning, we’ll be there telling voters in 55A how Brad puts Walz ahead of them!

If you like the commercial above and want to help get it on the air, donate to Action 4 Liberty, so voters in Brad Tabke’s district know that Tabke is killing small business and infringing on our liberties by protecting Tim Walz.


Last week, we were able to put this commercial in front of over 12,000 voters in Tabke’s district. Help us get these commercials out to tens of thousands more this election season by donating today.

In Liberty,

Jake Duesenberg

President, Action 4 Liberty

Senate leaders sold out, another 30 days of Walz emergency ‘power’

Information obtained from Action 4 Liberty.

You asked Senate leaders Paul Gazelka and Warren Limmer one simple thing: FIRE Walz’ Small Business Hit Squad Chief Jan Malcolm unless he ends his Emergency Powers. 

But they failed YOU and Minnesota yesterday by not bringing up Jan Malcolm’s confirmation and adjourning sine die, thus conceding all power they have to Governor Walz. Now the only way they can come back to the Capitol is if Governor Walz calls them back. 

In the short time they were in session yesterday, they did end up firing Walz’ Commerce Commissioner. However, Warren Limmer couldn’t be bothered to actually vote himself. There’s no excuse for that in the COVID world where Senators can literally call in their vote. 

It’s not like Warren Limmer wasn’t aware of the vote. He spoke on the Senate floor prior to it. In fact, Jim Abeler who also spoke abstained from voting on the confirmation. The public firing succeeded because two Democrats voted with the Republicans, including former DFL leader Tom Bakk.

Why did Gazelka and Limmer ignore your demands? Well, it appears they struck a backroom deal with Tim Walz that you’re not going to like.

Before adjourning sine die (which means Senate Republicans can no longer meet and fire commissioners), Gazelka stated that Senators will likely be called back on Sept 21st for a bonding debt bill. 

It appears that Gazelka and Limmer used their bargaining position of firing commissioners not to end Walz’ Emergency Powers, but to strike a final deal on a bonding bill which will add nearly $2 Billion to the state taxpayers’ credit card. 

Can you believe these guys would sell us out for debt?! Are Republican leaders not serious about ending the greatest threat to our liberties in modern history? 

Yesterday during the House floor session, a real gem was revealed to the public via the stupidity of one Republican legislator. Rep Jon Koznick, Assistant House Minority Leader, sent out an email with the intent to remind fellow Republicans not to message on COVID because it’s not a “winning message” for them. However, his email was accidently sent to all Democrat legislators who then decided to pass it on to our local media.

Koznick’s stupidity revealed what we’ve long suspected of Republican leadership at the Capitol. They really don’t care that Walz is ruling by authoritarian mandate. All they care about is positioning themselves to win the next election. 

What a bunch of FRAUDS!

Gazelka and Limmer don’t care about the businesses that are closing their doors due to the the Walz’ Administration. They actually had the power to do something about it, and did NOTHING!

Thanks to Gazelka and Limmer, we have another 30 days of Walz’ abusive Emergency Powers. And we have another 30 days of Walz’ Small Business Hit Squad Chief harassing Minnesota businesses with massive fines for not complying with Walz’ illegal orders. 

Remember this on November 3rd!

Action 4 Liberty remains committed to fighting for Minnesotans’ liberties by ending Walz’ Emergency Powers. We’ll continue exploring all angles of achieving this and we will take this message to voters in the districts of the Walz’ enablers so we get better representation in St Paul.

In Liberty,

Jake Duesenberg

President, Action 4 Liberty

Appeal Seeks Supreme Court Review to End Walz’s ‘Emergency’ Powers

Free Minnesota, a coalition of citizens and small businesses filed a petition for Quo Warranto lawsuit in May, alleging that the governor was beyond the executive authority granted him by the state constitution and has been exercising purely legislative power by issuing his numerous decrees in response to the Covid-19 virus. The lawsuit was joined by the New House Republican Caucus and members of the State Senate. Judge Gilligan agreed that the Quo Warranto petition was an appropriate vehicle to challenge the governor’s assumed powers, but did not agree to end them.

Today, the Free Minnesota Coalition, through attorney Erick Kaardal of Mohrmon, Kaardal & Erickson, PA, filed legal documents in an appeal, requesting expedited review by the Minnesota Supreme Court because of the urgent nature of the case. Not only businesses, but civil rights and the constitutional structure of government are under assault.


| Press Conference Announcing Appeal |

Defacto laws are being enacted without action by the legislature, which is the constitutional branch of government with lawmaking authority. Since the legislature is comprised of representatives of the People, the voice of the People is being squelched, precluding the notion of consent of the governed.

“No decision the governor made has turned on crucial timing that would preclude legislative action,” said coalition spokesman, Dan McGrath. “The governor is clinging to self-proclaimed emergency powers for political reasons, because he doesn’t believe the legislature will do as he wishes, not because of an urgency requiring split-second decisions. Throughout history, those who’ve assumed dictatorial powers are loathe to relinquish them. They have to be forced. We’re going into 7 months of ‘two-weeks to flatten the curve.’ It’s long-past time to restore the proper balance of power in state government.”

The First Liberties Defense Fund is being prioritized to help fund the appeal.

Read the Petition for Accelerated Review by the Minnesota Supreme Court.

Put pressure on senators to end Walz Emergency “Power”

After 181 days of an “emergency” declared by Tim Walz, he’s extending it another 30 days. This means he’s bound by state law to call back the Legislature for the fourth Special Session this Friday.

There is a real opportunity to end the emergency “powers”. You can help out by calling Senators Paul Gazelka and Warren Limmer.

The Senate Majority Leader and his Assistant Majority Leader have the power to FIRE Walz’ Commissioners. Especially the one he just weaponized against our small businesses. 

Warren Limmer is in the political battle of his life to win re-election. So he has a decision to make! Stand with us (and The People) or cower to the Democrats. 

As you know, Governor Walz has used emergency powers to shut down small businesses and trample on our civil liberties. Walz is now going overboard as he weaponizes Minnesota Dept of Health Commissioner Jan Malcom to act as a hit squad on our business community. 

According to Kare11, Malcolm is “planning to conduct extra compliance checks for COVID-19 safety measures at bars and restaurants in the coming weeks.” Violations of certain COVID orders issued unilaterally by Walz carry fines of up to $25,000 and 90 days in jail for business owners; an egregious use of power since criminal laws can’t be passed without the legislative branch.

It’s hard enough for small businesses to thrive in Walz’ “One Minnesota” with constant threats of rioting/looting and adapting to the new marketplace post-COVID. Now our small businesses will have one further worry: Walz’ hit squad led by Malcolm.

This isn’t the only issue with Jan Malcolm’s tenure as the Commissioner of the state’s most critical department. It was revealed back in May that the Dept of Health was using undergraduate students to determine COVID modeling data, which has now been found to be completely flawed. Walz uses Malcolm’s statistics as the basis for his abusive executive orders.

Many Republican legislators at the Capitol allege that the Department has inflated its COVID case numbers, including Senator and physician Scott Jensen. 

Malcolm also admitted that Walz’ original order prohibiting surgeries in Minnesota was a mistake. “If I could roll back time I would not have had us use the word ‘elective’ procedures when talking about the original executive order” Malcolm said. Certainly this gross abuse of emergency powers led to the deaths of Minnesotans who should have received important medical procedures in that period of time.

Weaponizing the Dept of Health against small businesses in our state is about as cold-hearted, totalitarian as it gets. Walz continues to act as if he is capable of creating his owns laws and his compliant Commissioners like Malcolm are his enforcers. Are we still a free country?

Although Malcom is commonly referred in the media and at the Capitol as “Commissioner”, her appointment by Walz has never been approved by the Republican controlled Minnesota Senate. It currently awaits floor action that Majority Leader Paul Gazelka or his leadership team, like Assistant Majority Leader, Warren Limmer, can bring to a floor vote. In other words, at any time, Senate Republicans can do something about Walz’ weaponization of the Dept of Health: they could fire Jan Malcolm!

Republicans have been kicked in the teeth by Walz’ authoritarian edict that House Democrats continue to rubber-stamp. They need to fight fire with fire and send Malcom packing to send a message that these illegal Emergency Orders won’t stand and Walz will pay a price.

Action 4 Liberty has been leading the charge since the beginning on passing the legislative resolutions to End Walz’ Power. We only had 15 House Republicans voting with us back in mid April. Now we have all 59 House Republicans, 4 House Democrats, and the Minnesota Senate on board.

At this point, the next step that’s needed is to let Democrats know there will consequences if they allow these illegal powers to continue on.

This is the one fighting chance we have in this state to finally hold Walz accountable for abusing the laws and ruling by authoritarian dictate.

Republicans need to actually stand up and fight. While Walz and Attorney General Keith Ellison are willing to threaten jail and fines, Republicans need to pull out all the stops and send a message that this will not stand.

It’s up to Gazelka and Limmer to listen to you. If they miss this opportunity, we may never end Walz’ Emergency Powers.

Senator Paul Gazelka (Majority Leader)

Call or text: 218-821-9287

Email: sen.paul.gazelka@senate.mn

Senator Warren Limmer (Assistant Majority Leader)

Call: 651-296-2159

Email: sen.warren.limmer@senate.mn 

Script: “Senator, Minnesota Senate Republicans MUST bring pain to the Walz Administration until he or House Democrats are willing to end his abusive emergency powers. You have the power to fire Jan Malcolm, Walz’ small business hit squad leader. Walz just weaponized MDH to go after our businesses and you MUST do something about that immediately. Fire Malcolm unless Walz end’s his emergency powers. Anything less shows that Republicans are useless politicians who aren’t willing to fight for us against this enormous threat to our liberty.”

Alternate Script: “Senator, I saw how Republicans in the Senate fired one of Walz’ Commissioners in August and for the first time, I was proud you guys had some backbone. Now is the time to employ the same move and fire the leader of Walz’ hit squad, Jan Malcolm. The Governor just weaponized her to go after small businesses in Minnesota who are barely able to survive in this climate. You need to fire Malcolm now unless Walz’ is willing to give up his emergency powers.”

Termination of “health emergency” for Placer county, CA, due to citizen action

Placer County, CA announced yesterday the termination of the local health emergency!

This means that all of the ridiculous things like face masks and distancing are immediately void.

Let’s do the same thing in our counties!

Arrange a personal appointment with your county representative and use these talking points with them (adapt them from CA to MN).

Quo Warranto Case Fails – Governor continues dictatorship

September 1, 2020

Ramsey County District Court Judge Thomas Gilligan, a Dayton-Appointee ruled that Governor Walz may continue to usurp the legislative process in perpetuity.

Free Minnesota, a coalition of citizens and small businesses filed a petition for Quo Warranto lawsuit in May, alleging that the governor was beyond the executive authority granted him by the state constitution and has been exercising purely legislative power by issuing his numerous decrees in response to the Covid-19 virus. The lawsuit was joined by the New House Republican Caucus and members of the State Senate. Judge Gilligan found that the individual legislators lacked legal standing for the case, but didn’t rule out the Free Minnesota Coalition’s ability to sue.

Although the Minnesota Constitution and legal precedent against delegation of legislative power do not permit exercise of pure legislative power by any but the state legislature, Judge Gilligan OKed the continuance of an unjustified literal dictatorship that completely bypasses the representatives of the people. The governor may continue to bypass the legislative process indefinitely under Judge Gilligan’s ruling.

Besides being largely in conflict with the state Constitution, Minnesota’s emergency powers act was written to cope with immediate, short-term emergencies. The legislature explicitly rejected attempts to amend the act to include public health as a reason to invoke it. If the governor may wield autocratic power as long as a virus exists, he may do so until the end of time, because a virus, once introduced into the human population may persist forever. The governor’s peacetime emergency is now nearing 6-months. No Governor in history has held on to these kind of extraordinary peacetime emergency powers for nearly as long as Governor Walz has to date.

Free Minnesota will continue the fight, by all means necessary to restore the voice and will of the People, through their representatives in the legislature, to decision-making in state government.

“No decision the governor made has turned on crucial timing that would preclude legislative action,” said coalition spokesman, Dan McGrath. “The governor is clinging to self-proclaimed emergency powers for political reasons, because he doesn’t believe the legislature will do as he wishes, not because of an urgency requiring split-second decisions. That isn’t how our state or our nation operates. Our founders did not establish a dictatorship and we will not tolerate it, now.”

The First Liberties Defense Fund is being prioritized to help fund the appeal.

Read Judge Gilligan’s order, here.

Information obtained from www.FreeMinnesota.net