Help Rep. Mortensen impeach Gov. Walz

  • Governor Walz assumed unilateral control over Minnesota last March. 
  • Walz has extended his Emergency Powers 10 times!
  • The Courts have rejected three Recall efforts.
  • The DFL Controlled House has voted to ignore the Democratic process 12 times!  Voting to keep all power consolidated with Walz.

It’s time we hold this Governor accountable.

Tomorrow, Rep. Mortensen will introduce five Articles of Impeachment against Governor Walz.  He has TRAMPLED all over our rights guaranteed to us in the state and US Constitution.

Here’s an overview of each Article that details Walz’ conduct warranting impeachment and trial, and removal from office:


Timothy J. Walz violated Article III, Section 1 of the Minnesota State Constitution when he exercised the powers of the Legislative branch.  Through the use of Executive Order, Walz manufactured state law, a power strictly and constitutionally reserved to the Legislature.


Timothy J Walz single handedly declared a violation of his Executives Orders were punishable as gross misdemeanors subject to a fine not to exceed $3000 or jail time of up to 1 year whereas the legislature provided in the emergency powers statute under Minnesota Statute § 609.735 that violation of the statute was subject to a misdemeanor and a fine not to exceed $1000 or jail time not to exceed 3 months.  No statutory or constitutional authority exists for the governor to invent new penalties under the color of law. 


Timothy J. Walz, through executive orders, has restricted and effectively banned the free exercise of religion in the state of Minnesota in violation of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and Article I, Section 16 of the Constitution of the State of Minnesota of 1974 which reads, “The right of every man to worship God according to the dictates of his own conscience shall never be infringed.”


Timothy J. Walz, through executive orders, has taken private property in violation of the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and Article I, Section 13 of the Constitution of the State of Minnesota of 1974 which reads, “private property shall not be taken, destroyed or damaged for public use without just compensation therefor, first paid or secured.”


In responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Timothy J. Walz, Governor of the state of Minnesota, has taken a number of extreme actions that have not been necessary for the protection of the public and have had significant adverse effects on the people of Minnesota. Governor Walz’s aggressive and poorly justified actions — such as banning nearly all non-emergency medicine are evidence of the Governor’s failure to properly manage this crisis.


1. Call your State Representative and DEMAND that they support Impeachment.  

Find My Lawmaker

2. Sign my petition to show your support for Impeachment.

3. Donate to help get the message out and get this done.

It’s my mission to Protect The American Dream and that requires removing obstacles between People and Prosperity.  

Right now the BIGGEST OBSTACLE is Governor Tim Walz. Therefore, he must be removed.  

We have built a solid legal argument for impeachment and frankly it wasn’t even that hard to do given all of the destruction that Governor Walz has done.

With the right coordinated effort we can do this!  The facts are the facts and they’re on our side.  We simply cannot allow the RINO’s and the DFL to stand between us and the facts.  We cannot accept them protecting the Governor from his own missteps.

Of course, as you’ve heard me say over and over this will make the target on my back BIGGER THAN EVER.  But that’s okay because all I care about is delivering results for you and your family so you’re free to pursue your version of happiness.  

Let’s get this done.  Let’s get back to normal.    

With Liberty,

Erik Mortensen (Mort)

Minnesota State Representative – District 55A

Bill introduced to mandate masks

A group of legislators introduced a bill in the Minnesota House that would make Governor Walz’ mask mandate into permanent law. It would require you and me to wear a face covering anytime we are in a public building or business and it would fine us for noncompliance. Business owners who don’t comply – well, they face up to 90 days of jail time.

Sound familiar? This bill just mirrors what Governor Walz decreed already last summer. But unlike his illegal, unconstitutional and unilateral dictate, this would codify things into law. 

More from the bill: “An acceptable face covering includes a paper or disposable mask, cloth face mask, scarf, bandana, neck gaiter, or religious face covering. The following items are not acceptable face coverings: a mask that incorporates a valve to facilitate easy exhaling; mesh mask; or mask with openings, holes, visible gaps in the design or material, or vents.

They are specifically stating that ineffective masks are acceptable masks (but oddly specifying that N95 masks with exhaust ports are not allowed).

Also note this is permanent until the CDC no longer recommends face masks.

Legislative update from Rep. Mortensen (55A)

This Thursday I will again be pushing HC2 which is the Resolution to End Walz’ Emergency Powers. It’s been 10 months, the legislature is in session, it’s time to bring this Peacetime Emergency to an end and it’s time the Governor joined me and put his trust into the people of Minnesota to make decisions for themselves.

This will again be a crucial vote in our efforts to stop the Governor.

If you want to reach out to your elected officials check-out the link below from the Minnesota Legislature. 
Click HERE to find your Representative

Unfortunately, we still have an obstacle in the way of it passing: the six Democrats who recently betrayed their voters – Reps Gene Pelowski, Paul Marquart, Dave Lislegard, Julie Sandstede, Mike Sundin and Rob Ecklund.

Despite voting to End Walz’ Emergency Powers back in 2020 – when it was “easy” – they are now showing their true colors! All six of them have switched their votes in the beginning of January.

After three weeks in the capital I understand why Minnesotans are so frustrated with the legislative process in St. Paul. The system in place doesn’t seem to work anymore for everyday Minnesotans like us that are simply focused on working hard, doing what’s right and providing the best we can for our loved ones. Instead the beneficiaries have become the ruling-class and politically connected.  But I’m fighting this from the inside and want you to know that you’re welcome to connect with me to discuss your needs – so you are politically connected!

One of the biggest issues is that committee Chairs have far too much power. Even though I am still learning how they play their games here, I’m not messing around. I have already submitted five pieces of legislation and don’t plan to slow down now. You can see, and follow, my bills below. 

HF0200 School Board Recall Bill; Empowering people at the local level to recall elected officials that have lost the trust of their constituents.

HF0199 Fiscal Disparities Tax Repeal; Repealing the wealth redistributive property tax that decimates small business owners in both the metropolitan and iron range regions of the state.

HF0145 Repeal of CCAP; Child care assistance program rife with fraud with nobody from within the agency willing to take accountability or corrective actions.

HF0126 Suspension of Pay; Governor and legislator salary suspended when certain orders are issued restricting the operation or conduct of private business. If the Governor takes your paycheck, we take his.

HC2 End Walz Emergency Powers; A house concurrent resolution terminating the peacetime emergency.

Government Spending
Unaccountable bureaucrats think that they need a pay raise this year. The Democrats want you to think their Government agencies need more funding this year. They do this each biennium by saying we are running a deficit, but that’s not the full story. 

Government agencies quickly try to spend their funding at the end of each Fiscal year, in fact they are incentivized to do so. Why? Because if they don’t it could be argued they can operate with less. Their solution? Spend MORE! That way they can come back to the state and say “look we used all of our funding, so we need more for next year”. It’s policies like these that make the Democrats the “Tax and spend” party. If this year has taught us anything it’s that we cannot continue with irresponsible policies like these. We need to reign in government spending.

Listen to me HERE question the Commissioner of the Department of Revenue on where he would make cuts to his department like so many small businesses in our communities have had to do. This is all thanks to the Governor’s Executive orders, of course, which continue to keep businesses closed or at limited capacity. It is time to Reopen Minnesota now.  

Part of my line of questioning during committee meetings has been asking the various department and agency leaders what cuts they would make to their department if they were forced to make cuts like the thousands of Small Businesses AND hundreds of thousands of Minnesota families had to as a direct result of Governor Walz’ illegal and unconstitutional orders.
During a Tax Committee meeting this week I asked the Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Revenue this question. Guess what his response was? 
“I don’t understand the question”.

Online Inquiry Process Available for Covid-19 Business Relief Payments
Last week, the Minnesota Department of Revenue sent out the initial round of COVID-19 Business Relief Payments to nearly 4,000 eligible businesses across the state. This program, part of a bi-partisan COVID-19 relief legislation passed in December, offers direct relief payments to eligible restaurants, bars, gyms, and bowling centers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Businesses that did not receive a COVID-19 Business Relief Payment but think they meet the program criteria can contact the department HERE using their online inquiry process that is now available through Friday, February 5, 2021. Businesses can use this if their business either:

Did not receive a COVID-19 Business Relief Payment but they think the business met the program requirements.
Received a COVID-19 Business Relief Payment but they think the amount was wrong.
Businesses can find this online inquiry process by visiting and clicking “COVID-19 Business Relief Payments” found on the homepage.

Eligible businesses must meet the program requirements outlined in the legislation. Direct payment requirements for businesses include:
Being located in Minnesota
Had at least $10,000 in taxable sales in 2019
Filed Sales Tax returns in 2019 and 2020
Experienced a 30% drop in year-over-year taxable sales for April-September periods
Being categorized by the Minnesota Unemployment Insurance program as a restaurant, bar, gym, bowling center, or similar business

Direct funding to all of Minnesota’s 87 counties was also provided to set up local COVID-19 grant relief programs. Businesses not eligible for a direct payment from Revenue are encouraged to contact their local county for additional COVID-19 relief.

Repealing Fiscal Disparities Tax
This is a property tax “line item” which punishes small business owners by taking your tax dollars away from Shakopee, and sending them away to other cities like St. Paul.  This is quite literally a wealth redistributive tax and Minnesota is the only state in the country that uses it.

When I was running for office I promised to get rid of this unfair tax that puts an unnecessary burden on small businesses. Unfortunately, I found out quite quickly that those who benefit from this tax are less than willing to give it up.I sat down to meet with the Property Tax Committee Chair, Rep. Cheryl Youakim (DFL-46B), to discuss my bill that is expected to head to her committee. Within 30 seconds of our conversation she said she won’t be taking any action on my bill.  I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised as “wealth redistribution” is a high priority for my DFL colleagues.  

Removing Red Tape; Upholding my Promise
While most of my time in the capitol has been busy writing my own bills, I came across a bill (HF17) sponsored by my colleague Rep. Jamie Becker-Finn (DFL-42B) that helps cut bureaucratic tape. When I ran for office I said I would work with anyone, regardless of party, if they were fighting for less government intrusion in our personal lives. That is why I am happy to support this bipartisan piece of legislation.The bill has to deal with marriage licenses.

Normally you would have to go to the courthouse, sign a bunch of government documents, and pay the fee. In the face of COVID-19 they moved this process completely online so you no longer have to go in person. If you’re like me, you get anxiety anytime you have to go into a government building staffed with non-motivated bureaucrats to simply file some basic paperwork. HF17 takes away some of this angst. T

he original extension was set to expire this month. This bill extends the online portal until May. This is a great piece of bipartisan legislation I am glad to get behind. In fact, in committee I spoke in favor of making this easier process permanent instead of applying a five month band-aid. I am glad that I was able to reach across the aisle to help co-sponsor this phenomenal bipartisan legislation. 

Equal Shared Parenting
On the campaign trail I made a promise, that promise was to support Equal Shared Parenting. My predecessor deceived the community when he claimed to support this non-partisan, pro-family legislation but ultimately voted against it. I am happy to say I am the chief author of the Equal Shared Parenting bill so you can be assured I will be honoring my word and supporting this effort.Every child deserves the right to have a happy and safe home and have equal time with loving parents.

When a parent can’t make their marriage work it’s not the kids we should be punishing. The current law creates unnecessary conflict between parents.  Just today I spoke to a father who spent over $225,000 just to get 50/50 shared parenting. Now he says his ex-wife and him are best friends but the courts pitted them against each other through the divorce process.

Of course it’s the Minnesota Bar Association that rejects this common sense legislation.  Many legislators here cower in the corner from this powerful special interest group, but they are of no concern to me.  My concern is children having access to their parents and loving parents not having to spend their entire retirement savings to see their children. 
First Day of Session
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me or my office. We are still attempting to provide regular contact remotely so if you have other needs, please email my Legislative Assistant, Grayson, at

Watch the Minnesota House on Public TV Video: Streaming Website. Also you can watch committees and Floor Sessions on YouTube.

Updates on vaccines, drugs, lockdowns, and more

  • Mainstream news is covering reports of deaths and injuries from COVID vaccines, including in Norway, Germany and California.
  • As The Defender reported, in the U.S., 66 deaths have been reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). These haven’t been fully investigated yet, but clearly many people, mostly the frail elderly but also some younger (as in the 56-year-old Florida doctor) are reporting serious injuries, even death. “People are dying from these vaccines. That can’t be swept under the rug by mainstream media.”
  • China called for the suspension of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, and California’s head epidemiologist called for the suspension of one batch of Moderna vaccines. “That’s a big deal. Remember, the Moderna vaccine is a joint venture between Moderna and the U.S. government.”
  • Adverse reactions to COVID vaccines that are being reported “are similar to those we’ve seen from HPV vaccines, only worse.”
  • Some “fantastic” news: Massachusetts rescinded its flu vaccine mandate. “This is the power of the courts.”
  • More exciting news: A group of scientists convinced the National Institutes of Health to no longer recommend against the use of Ivermectin to treat COVID. “It’s very exciting that this cheap, effective treatment is no longer being withheld from patients.”
  • new peer-reviewed study from Stanford University says there’s no benefit to COVID lockdowns. “There are lawsuits against these in virtually every state.”
  • Despite a big push to get nursing home workers to get the COVID vaccine, some are pushing back. A Wisconsin nursing home said it will lay off employees who refuse the vaccine. “We believe any attempt for an employer to mandate a vaccine that hasn’t been licensed by the FDA is illegal. Under federal and state law, no one can be forced to participate in this experiment.”
  • The Telegraph reported that Germany’s eastern state of Saxony says it could put people who violate COVID quarantine rules in detention centers. “Human rights lawyers say this won’t fly, but we have to be very concerned about these detention centers.”
  • Forbes reported this week that a group calling itself “Joints for Jabs” is offering free marijuana as an incentive to get the COVID vaccine. “What I find most disturbing about this article is this quote: ‘If you believe in the science that supports medical cannabis, you should believe the science that supports the efficacy of the vaccine.’ Science isn’t something you ‘believe,’ it’s something that’s proven.”

Information obtained from The Defender

Rep Mortensen to re-introduce End Emergency Powers bill 1/11/21

Mortensen Banner
This past week I took the oath of office to represent the people of district 55A, but also to uphold and defend the constitution.

We cannot allow these unconstitutional lockdowns to continue any longer. We need to open our schools for our kids, we need to start allowing them to play sports again – mask free, we need restaurants and businesses to operate freely without the threat of Governor Walz or his henchman, Attorney General, Keith Ellison.

That is why I tried to force a vote in the House on DAY 1 to End Walz Emergency powers. To no surprise the Democrats refused to even vote on the resolution! They were too concerned with towing the party line to realize the damage they were allowing to be perpetrated. To obstruct my efforts, the Speaker of the House flat out ignored the rules of the House chamber.I have already submitted the Resolution AGAIN to be introduced on the floor this coming Monday.First Day of Session
Coming up Next Week

Next week will be a busy one. Not only am I introducing the Resolution to End Walz’ Emergency powers but I will be introducing a few bills.

The first will be to suspend pay for the Governor and the Legislature when executive orders force private businesses closed. If the Governor and the Legislature can take your paycheck away, there’s should be taken away too.

The second will be a piece of legislation to forbid the suspension of occupational or business licensing due to noncompliance with an executive order. Restaurant owners that have been brave enough to open their doors in defiance of Governor Walz shouldn’t have to fear losing their license for trying to keep a roof over their head and feed their families.

The third piece of legislation removes the absurd rules on Minnesota’s breweries as to who they can sell to and in what size bottle or can they can sell their product in. There won’t likely be another bill in the Minnesota House this entire year that promotes a free market more than this bill.  When a brewery has a product consumers want, they should be able to sell it to them.  Does it get more common sense than this?
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me or my office. We are still attempting to provide regular contact remotely so if you have other needs, please email my Legislative Assistant, Grayson, at the Minnesota House on Public TVVideo: Streaming Website. Also you can watch committees and Floor Sessions on YouTube.

Update on End Walz’ emergency powers vote in legislature Jan 5, 2021

Democrats (House speaker Melissa Hortman) ignored the Rules of the Minnesota House in order to avoid hearing the Resolution to End Walz’ Emergency Powers. What rules did they ignore?

The rules of the House allow a legislator to introduce a resolution or a bill, 24 hours in advance, and the speaker has to bring it forth on the agenda. Rule 1.11: “Bill of Resolution must be reported and given its first reading when introduced. A bill or resolution must not be objected to when it is introduced.”

A Resolution to vote to end Walz’s emergency powers was introduced by Republicans 24 hours in advance by Rep Erik Mortenson, but the House Speaker didn’t put it on the agenda/order of business at all, thus, ignoring (rule 1.10). The House Speaker also didn’t have a motion to recognize a legislator to make a motion to bring the Resolution to the house floor for a vote (rule 4.30).

Rep Erik Mortenson submitted a Resolution to vote to end Walz’ Emergency Powers 24 hours in advance of the session, but the House Speaker broke the rules by NOT putting the Resolution on the agenda, yet she put OTHER resolutions on the agenda. Thus, she broke rules 1.10 and 4.30. The Speaker says that Mortenson didn’t submit it 24 hours in advance, even though he did. The Speaker later argues that the ‘hopper’ in which resolutions are submitted, is not ‘open’ on the first day of session, which Rep Daudt said is not true.

During the session today, which was the first day of the new session with new, elected reps in the legislature, Rep. Erik Mortenson asked to be recognized and that the Speaker bring the Resolution forward, since she left it out of the agenda.

Speaker ruled him ‘out of order’ after he spoke. Rep Steve Drazkowski district 21B then appealed the Speaker’s out-of-order ruling. After hearing argument from Rep. Ryan Winkler and Rep. Kurt Daudt, the Speaker said that if there were 15 Reps. who raised their hand, that they would take a vote on Rep. Drazkowski’s appeal to decide if Erik Mortenson was out of order, or not.

Remember, this potential vote to support or reject Drazkowski’s APPEAL is not the same as voting to END Emergency Powers…this is just a vote to overrule the Speaker when she said that Rep. Erik Mortenson was ‘out of order’.

15 Reps. indeed raised their hands, and so then a vote took place (by roll call – meaning, it is recorded who votes yes and who votes no), to see if the Speaker’s ruling would be UPHELD. So the vote we would want is ‘No’

Democrats Reps Ecklund, Lislegard, Marquart, Pelowski, Sandstede and Sundin voted AGAINST THE PEOPLE OF MINNESOTA, by voting ‘Yes’.

Star Tribune interviewed House Speaker last week, who said 90 votes were needed, which is a lie. Instead, only 50% + 1 reps need to vote to end Walz Emergency Powers. Sadly, because of the 5 Democrats above, the legislature didn’t even allow a vote to take place to see if Walz’ Emergency Powers would be ended or not.

The Targets to End It

Obtained from Action 4 Liberty

January is quickly approaching, which means it’s time to deal a MAJOR BLOW to the political machine and emergency powers that have been abused. All the work over the past year that led to us removing four governor cronies from office, will culminate in a showdown once the legislature meets…


The math is finally on our side to end the governor’s Emergency Powers. We’ve already had six Democrats vote our way, which means we only need four of them to continue voting that way…

If we fail, our beloved businesses who are under assault will likely fail and go bankrupt. And the liberties we are losing everyday that this lockdown continues, will be lost for good. The stakes are incredibly high!

Capitol insiders are telling us right now that some of the Democrats who voted the right way in the past, aren’t so certain they are going to vote the right way now that the election is over and the new legislative session is beginning. These politicians: Reps Marquart, Sandstede, Lislegard and Ecklund.

We need your help to remind them that the governor’s illegal and immoral lockdown is harming Minnesota. The legislature MUST strip him of his powers immediately.

Here are the game they might play:

  • Kill the Resolution
  • Avoid Hearing it
  • Water it Down – Fake End Powers Bill

As you and I are reaching out to these Democrats, so is the governor. He’s getting nervous that his powers are going to be eliminated – he won’t go down without a fight. Democrats are going to do their best to Kill the Resolution to end the governor’s Emergency Powers. However, angry voters are more powerful than anything the governor can promise them (campaign funds, committee assignments, etc). So your calls and emails are key!

If they can’t kill the bill, Democrat leaders will try to avoid an actual vote by using parliamentary procedures. Tell these Democrat targets that they MUST stand up against Democrat leadership so we get a clean vote on ending the governor’s Emergency Powers.

When killing and avoiding doesn’t work, Democrat, and even Republican leadership, will start watering down the Resolution. We’re starting to hear that some Republicans are preparing to cut backroom deals with the Democrats on a Fake end the governor’s powers bill.

Tell these Democrat targets that we DEMAND a clean vote on the end to the Emergency Powers Resolution. And if you have a Republican Rep, make sure he or she only supports a clean vote on ending the Emergency Powers.

Lastly, the political establishment will try to BLACK OUT the vote by avoiding a roll call. The House rules require 15 members to raise their hands in order to get a recorded vote. When politicians don’t want to be held accountable, they avoid roll call votes so nothing is shown on the record. We MUST DEMAND a roll call vote on every single procedural move.

To recap, on January 5th when the Legislature convenes, we DEMAND a clean vote on the end the governor’s Emergency Powers resolution. No gimmicks, no fake bills, no refusal to obtain a roll call vote. It’s time everyone is on board to finally end the pain.

If everyone who reads this email calls, texts and/or emails these four Democrats, we can finally put an end to the Emergency Powers once and for all. Democrat Reps Gene Pelowski and Mike Sundin have already told their constituents that they’ll vote the right way (we’ll be watching to make sure they do!). So we need you to contact these four other Democrats immediately:

Also find posts on their facebook pages, and comment on it, which is the best way to get them to engage rather than making a post on their page that they won’t approve.

(1) Rep Paul Marquart – 701-371-1949
email – personal
email – work

(2) Rep Julie Sandstede – 218-969-7009
email – personal
email – work

(3) Rep Dave Lislegard – 218-343-7965
email – personal
email – work
twitter – work
twitter – personal

(4) Rep Rob Ecklund – 218-341-6133
email – personal
email – work


Rep _______, I’m reaching out to you as a concerned Minnesotan who believes our state is in bad shape with the Governor making unilateral decisions. His orders are harming our economy and they are anti-democratic. You voted to end the governor’s Emergency Powers before, but now we have the real chance to finally end them when the legislature meets on January 5th. Can you confirm that you are still going to vote the right way by voting YES on the end of the Emergency Powers Resolution. And will you stand up against all attempts by Democrat leadership to kill the Resolution, so there is a clean vote?

Alternate Script:

Rep ________, I watched you vote to end the governor’s Emergency Powers when it came up previously. And I thank you for doing the right thing. This lockdown shows that the Governor’s powers are abusive and causing great harm to Minnesota. Will you confirm that you’ll vote to end the emergency powers again when the legislature meets on January 5th? I heard that other legislators are going to try to derail the vote or amend it so the governor continues to have his powers. Will you stand up against these attempts so Minnesota citizens get a clean vote to end it?

Thank you in advance for helping us out. If this is not your cup of tea, help out with our pressure campaign by donating here. As you can imagine, we’ll need to bring some heat against the final holdouts in this fight.

Make Americans Free Again, Ohio Stands Up!, the New Mexico Freedoms Alliance, and New Mexico Stands Up, Partner in Lawsuits

“The State and Federal public health system have misled the public, politicians, and even the Courts. If they have ANY integrity, they will recognize the truth and accept our requests for injunctive relief.”

12/21/2020, New Mexico and Ohio – It is a true honor and privilege to announce that Make Americans Free Again, Ohio Stands Up!, New Mexico Stands Up! and the New Mexico Freedom Alliance are partnering in the fight against tyranny. Today the legal team representing the Ohio Stands Up! lawsuit against the State of Ohio, along with Attorneys N. Ana Garner and Jonathan Diener from New Mexico will be filing a major action in the state of New Mexico to free New Mexicans from the tyrannical overreaction to a disease that has been shown to have a 99.9%+ recovery rate.

This exciting news is made better by an announcement from the same team that they will be filing a third action against the HHS, CDC, and NCHS for intentionally misleading the public regarding the dangers of COVID-19. Attorney Renz stated, “This is a major step in freeing our nation. The data and facts could not be more clear. Neither could the fact that DHHS has allowed its staff to egregiously violate the law by misrepresenting the dangers posed by this virus. We look forward to shining the light of truth on this issue and alleviating the fears of the public.” Attorney Garner stated, “Today we take the first step in throwing off the shackles of tyranny and truly re-opening New Mexico and the nation.”

The three organizations agree that if this sort of reaction from the government for a disease that has been shown to be roughly as dangerous as the seasonal flu, is considered justifiable under the law, then our freedoms as Americans are truly lost.

For more information, visit,, and

Update on 150 businesses reopening

From Action 4 Liberty

Our hero from Lynd, MN got a little emotional yesterday on Facebook live when she broke the news that a judge ruled in favor of Keith Ellison instead of her freedoms. These robed gangsters are supposed to believe in the rule of law, but they have manipulated the legal system to allow one person to unilaterally infringe on our liberties. 

But Larvita still won’t back down! She won’t let anyone stop her from pursuing her American dream. Where’s that kind of courage at the Minnesota Capitol?

Jane Moss Has a Hearing Today

Jane, who owns the Boardwalk Bar & Grill in East Grand Forks, will be in court today against Keith Ellison. She has pretty good legal representation and the case is being heard outside of Ramsey County, which puts a couple more things in her favor.

Please help Jane by contributing to her legal defense fund.

Jane also inspired another business owner in town to open up on Wednesday. His name is Joe and he’s 19 years old and already owns two restaurants. Governor Walz is literally crushing a young man’s dreams and he could not stand back and take it anymore.

The ReOpen Tour with Rep-Elect Mortensen 

We went on the road Wednesday and Thursday from Lakeville to East Grand Forks, to support the many restaurants/bars who opened up in defiance of Governor Walz. 

Here’s what we learned from the tour:

1. Owners were extremely concerned about the financial livelihood of their employees.
2. The Attorney General and Governor Tim Walz are scrambling to exert their unconstitutional authority. Clearly they’re worried about “We The People” overpowering them.
3. Governor Walz has lost the consent of the governed in massive numbers.
4. Every owner sees this fight as critically important for the preservation of our constitutional Republic.
5. Owners, employees and guests were all willing to risk jail time for what they believe in.
6. Guests rewarded these brave small business owners and tipped VERY generously.

Bills to protect vaccine choice

from the Vaccine Safety Council of Minnesota:

Please call and email your state Senator and state representative to sign on to support these bills that protect vaccine choice. Also, ask them to pass a “Vaccine Bill of Rights.” If you request a phone call with your legislator we’re happy to join you on the call as well. PM the page with details.

Representative Eric Lucero (Republican) has 4 good bills: written and ready, to protect vaccine choice and medical freedom that are waiting to be filed and one has already been filed. Please watch for these bills and encourage your state representative and state senator to sign on and support. To date, only one has received a bill number due to the backlog at the capitol.

HF 452: Statutory immunization requirement exemption provided for sincerely held religious belief. A bill for an act relating to education; providing for an exemption from statutory immunization requirements for a sincerely held religious belief; amending Minnesota Statutes 2020, section 121A.15, subdivisions 3, 3a, 8.

HF 533: Employers prohibited from disciplining or discharging employees for immunization refusal, and civil action remedies provided – another good bill that Dr. Jensen and Gruenhagen ran last session, and Representative Gruenhagen (Republican) has filed again. Please contact your state representatives and ask them to support this important bill.  A bill for an act relating to employment; prohibiting employers from discipline or discharge for employee or applicant refusal to immunize; providing civil action remedies; proposing coding for new law in Minnesota Statutes, chapter 181.

HF 40

HF 41

HF 42


A resolution memorializing the President and Congress to hold vaccine manufacturers liable for design defects that result in adverse side effects from vaccines.

A resolution memorializing the President and Congress to hold vaccine manufacturers liable for design defects that result in adverse side effects from vaccines.