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If the proposed bills pass (House 2634, Senate 2554), MN parents’ lose the right to exempt their children from vaccination, as the bill will eliminate the conscientious objection, leaving only the medical exemption remaining. States that have similarly removed all exemptions except medical find that doctors quickly stop signing any medical exemption paperwork as those who do are harassed by the medical board and are threatened with revocation of medical licensure.
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Gov. Walz Rescinds All Occupancy Requirements On Churches Following Lawsuit

Democratic Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz rescinded occupancy requirements on the state’s houses of worship earlier this week following a lawsuit from the Thomas More Society and voter initiatives to recall him.

Walz’s Executive Order 21-11, which was approved on March 15, 2021, lifted the last remaining restriction on church attendance in Minnesota, which had capped occupancy at 50 percent. The restrictions remain in effect for bars and restaurants.

Read more from the Daily Wire here.

MN small business owner takes on the government to maintain her freedom

Listen to the incredible story thus far from Lisa, small business owner of The Interchange restaurant in Albert Lea, Minnesota. The state and county and city has been persecuting her and her livelihood since December 2020.

Lisa complied with all executive ‘orders’ from the governor in 2020 until December, when she faced permanent closure and bankruptcy. Governor Walz’ order to close restaurants down again, and Lisa refused to close. The MN government machine moved in to make an example of her, and the assault began:

  • cease and desist
  • court ordered temporary restraining order from conducting business
  • $3,000 a day daily fine for refusing to close
  • ‘non-forgivable’ judgment of $9,000
  • threats to remove liquor license and business license
  • criminal complaint #1 – six charges of criminal behavior,
  • criminal complaint #2 – three more criminal charges, jail time and fines for each,
  • violations of due process,
  • attempts at physical and psychological intimidation, threats to impose unreasonable and oppressive bail.

She is fighting for all of us. Our freedom is under siege. Listen, learn and support Lisa Hanson! Find even more details in the second video below.

Momentum building on Ending Walz’ Emergency Powers

Update from Action 4 Liberty, 3/18/21

Momentum is building on Ending Walz’ Emergency Powers. After a whole Year of being under the orders of a tyrannical Governor, the masses are starting to say enough is enough! 

First off, Action 4 Liberty is committed to the long term battle to ensure this NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN. So I’m happy to announce that the Unilateral Emergency Powers Repeal Act, known as the Never Again Bill, just got three new co-authors today because of your calls and emails.

Thanks to Representatives John Poston, Steve Drazkowski and Tim Miller for getting on board! Let’s keep the momentum and make this extremely important legislation the new law of the land!

Now, onto some even more exciting and encouraging news. The Minnesota Senate voted today for the first time since the new legislature took office, to End Walz’ Emergency Powers. On a vote of 38-29, there’s a large majority of Senators who think it’s time for our Republic to be restored.

More importantly, four Democrat senators joined all Republicans today in voting the right way. FOUR DEMOCRATS!

That means if the house members in those senators’ districts voted the same way as their senator, then Walz’ Emergency Powers would be terminated immediately! 

One of the Democrat senators that voted with us today is Senator David Tomassoni from Senate District 6. We know his Senate district quite well because we moved our field team up there in February. We moved up there because the two Con Artist House Reps in his district, Julie Sandstede and Dave Liselgard, reneged on their votes from last year. Instead of listening to their constituents, they are taking orders from the Metro Democrat Party Bosses who tell them they must protect Walz’ Emergency Powers.

Our pressure is so intense for Sandstede that she is jumping through hoops to save our own butt. First, she wrote a special column in the Mesabi Tribune. But that didn’t convince enough of her voters. Secondly, she had the House Sergeant of Arms office call us to get us to remove our digital ads against her. But we didn’t obey. 

You Can Help Fund Those Ads


Jay Duggan March 10, 2021

Dr. Scott Jensen (formerly State Senator for Carver County) will be announcing he is running for governor. reports Bring Me The News. A lifelong Minnesotan with a 20 year medical practice in Chaska, he retired from the Senate last year. Dr. Jensen has remained politically active during the Walz COVID “emergency”, questioning all the political pressures manipulating decisions in medicine and government. His questioning had butthurt DFL propaganda bots, who reported him not once, but three times to the Medical Board for review. All reviews came to naught.

Read more here: https://rocksandcows.org/dr-jensen-announces-for-gov-dfl-butthurt/

27% US household now receive income from government

Stat of the Week27%
That is the total percentage of all household income across the country that is now reported to be sourced from government spending.  This dramatic increase is largely attributed to the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, which saw total spending on Personal Current Transfer payments, such as unemployment benefits and government stimulus checks, skyrocket in January to $5.78 trillion.  That figure reflects a $2 trillion increase over pre-COVID levels. 

Perhaps most alarmingly, these statistics do not include President Biden’s latest $1.9 trillion COVID relief legislation, which would almost certainly drive up Americans’ quantifiable dependency on the federal government even higher.

Update from Action 4 Liberty

Do you remember “Give us 15 days to slow the spread”?!  We are approaching the one-year anniversary of that lie. We are approaching one whole year of Governor Walz’ unilateral declaration of Emergency Powers. 

These lies have led to businesses being closed down, healthy people ordered to stay in their homes, youth athletes to wear masks while playing sports, AND Covid positive patients admitted back to long term care facilities.

Our team is working around the clock to try and stop the one-year anniversary from happening. It’s absolutely amazing that we are here right now! Almost makes one think there is something bigger, and more nefarious at play.

The only way to stop politicians from taking our liberties is to hit them where it hurts – putting our message right in front of their voters. Which is why we just hired two more doorknockers and moved them up into Con Artist Dave Lislegard’s district. And that pressure is putting him and Julie Sandstede on the Defense!

Did you see that both legislators wrote guests columns in the Hibbing paper trying to save face with their voters. From Dave Lislegard:

You’ve likely seen literature or heard radio advertising from Action 4 Liberty, a group based in the Twin Cities working day and night – during a time when our nation is already deeply divided – to agitate people, including those on the Iron Range.

This means one thing. OUR PRESSURE IS WORKING!

We now have two different homes up north and I just hired another couple doorknockers. Our team is signing up new petition signers, talking to thousands of voters and distributing lit in all the neighborhoods. Even Dave Lislegard admits we are working around the clock to get our message out to voters.

Did you know that Julie Sandstede won her election by only 30 votes last November and President Trump won Dave Lislegard’s district? By the time we’re done with this, we’ll have easily identified enough voters to flip those districts red!

Speaking of flipping districts, the Democrat machine is getting really worried that the legislature finally has a liberty champion who is willing to take the fight to them. They HATE our guy, Rep Erik Mortensen.

Just last Thursday, Walz’ rubber stamp and mask mandate cheerleader, Brad Tabke, announced he is running against Mort. Who announces a campaign this early? Looks like they have set our guy in the crosshairs.

This battle is far too important to lose to the Democrat machine. We now know that Emergency Powers will be used and abused by tyrants. That’s why we are working day and night to End Walz’ Emergency Powers. And with Mort in office, we’ll lead the fight to make sure it NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN!

There are still more volunteer opportunities up in the Iron Range if you are looking to get more involved. Please reach out if you would like to join our field team to door knock. 

If you don’t have the time, your support means a lot to our team. We want to keep the momentum and continue holding these politicians accountable. We’re quickly approaching the One-Year Anniversary of Walz’ Emergency Powers. Let’s STOP him from making them permanent. Support our field operations today.

In Liberty,

Jake Duesenberg

President, Action 4 Liberty

Countdown to 1 Year of ‘Emergency Powers’: 18 days

Update from Rep. Erik Mortenson, District 55A

In 18 days, on March 13th, we will have been under one-man rule for a FULL YEAR.  We are tired.  We are dismayed.  But we are going to make sure this never happens again.  NEVER AGAIN, will we the people accept the shutting down of our Democratic Process and the blatant disregard for our state and U.S. Constitution.

I’m working on several pieces of legislation to make sure we never have 1 man or woman ruling our entire state for a year.  

Last weekend a constituent of mine sent me a letter about how the last year of her daughter’s life has been negatively impacted by Governor Walz’ unconstitutional and immoral executive orders.  She asked that I make sure Governor Walz received her letter.  I agreed to hand deliver it to the Governor’s office.  

After receiving inquiries on Facebook about her letter, and getting permission from the author I wanted to share this letter with you.


Yesterday, I placed her letter into an envelop and walked over to Governor Walz’ office to make this special delivery by hand.  Unfortunately, at 2:15pm on a Monday, nobody was in the Governor’s office and the phone number on the door that visitors were instructed to call to speak to staff didn’t even ring – it just went right to voicemail.

I’m struck by the stark contrast:

A.  One elected official at work, in the Capitol, hand delivering concerns of a constituent.

B.  The second elected official not at work, phone doesn’t ring and no staff available.  Just a locked, empty office with no public access.

As we approach a full year of executive edicts with no end in sight I urge you to not only contact your lawmakers but participate in civil disobedience.  Do so in an open and public manner.  Inspire others to follow suit. 

There is no longer an emergency.  We’ve lived with this virus, and many others, for a long time now.  The data has been evident for months – this virus poses next to zero risk for large segments of the population.  We can both protect the vulnerable AND live our lives.

Twenty years ago today I lost my Uncle Kary to cancer.  He was 42 years old – the same age as I am now.  

So for me there will be no more forced “Sacrifices” and no more nonsensical rules.  I will be living my life TODAY because there’s no guarantee of tomorrow.  I encourage you to do the same. 

Help me continue this fight to Make Walz Pay for violating our rights and Constitution. Stay updated about this battle by visiting mortforhouse.com.

With Liberty,

Erik Mortensen (Mort)

Minnesota State Representative – District 55A

Legislative update from Rep. Erik Mortensen – District 55A

Monday, February 22nd, 2021

I hope folks are starting to thaw out from the polar vortex because things are starting to heat-up at the capitol. The DFL ramrodded through HF445 which would create the $35 Million S.A.F.E account to pay for the destruction in Minneapolis and St. Paul last summer. It also helps reimburse police officers that are expected to come in from across the state as the trial for Derek Chauvin begins in 2 weeks. We cannot place Minnesota taxpayers on the hook for millions of dollars thanks to the poor leadership of the Governor and the Mayor of Minneapolis.

Governor Walz also announced he was giving the “gift” of education back to our kids. After forcing us to miss Thanksgiving and Christmas he thinks he is gifting us back our individual liberties like they were his in the first place.You can watch my video update HERE.
Mort vid update
Walz Gives Back the “Gift” of Education
On Wednesday morning, Governor Walz made an announcement regarding Minnesota schools. Starting February 22, all middle and high school students can return to the classroom for hybrid or in-person learning. It is expected that all schools will offer some form of in-person learning by March 8. The on-going shutdown of education venues has been one of the most egregious failings of this administration despite the scientific data available many months ago that showed how limited the risks were among student communities.

Perhaps more frustrating than his ‘rah-rah, aren’t we great’ mood of the presentation was the continuing attitude of a benevolent dictator granting us permission to enjoy life. I have a couple of statements I specifically want to respond to so if you missed the press conference, see these short video clips from the beginning of his presentation:Bad man Walz

The Fabrication of Local Control
Giving control to local schools is an egregious twist of facts.  School districts regained control of very little. If COVID positive tests in a rural county exceeded a low threshold (considering population density) schools lose their control.  Districts were required to adhere to mandates from the Governor’s office on myriad of details – not really local control.Governor Walz’ GIFT to High School SeniorsGift???  Please, no more gifts! 

The mental gymnastics required to think that lifting a restriction that precluded spending Thanksgiving or Christmas with family, closing restaurants, bars, places of worship, schools, or any place where people would gather, socialize, interact, and be FREE is somehow a gift is ludicrous. Removing those restrictions to allow students to receive adequate educational opportunities and achieve milestones like GRADUATION is not “a gift.”  The government does not – CANNOT – give gifts.  Government is one thing only: it is raw power.  The government can’t give you anything that it did not take from someone else first.  It can’t give you a gift of freedom to assemble, associate, worship.  It can only restrict those activities and of course these are the very activities that that state is tasked to PROTECT. Calling the lifting of a restriction “a gift” should be a rallying cry for everyone who values self-determination.  It is time to stop failing our students. But that starts with the idea that their achievements are not granted by the selfish actions of elected bureaucrats.

Protecting the People of Minnesota
This week I introduced the Second Amendment Protection Act (SAPA) as well as Stand Your Ground. Both of these bills aim to protect and advance 2nd amendment rights in the state of Minnesota. SAPA allows the state to choose whether or not they will follow federal laws that will restrict gun ownership. Stand your ground aims to change Minnesota law when it comes to protecting your family and home.

Currently we have a mandatory retreat order, meaning if someone is charging you and your family with the intent of harm, you must attempt to flee. With the riots last spring and the clear preparation of more riots coming this year we all remember what the ANTIFA lunatics threatened to come to the suburbs next.  We should be able to defend our homes and loved ones and Stand Your Ground laws empower you to do so.Both of these bills are common sense, they put the power back into the hands of the people for them to choose what is best for them while also providing legal protection for those in their own homes.
Lawsuit Against Walz
Lawsuit Graphic 
Also on Wednesday, the Minnesota Court of Appeals heard oral arguments in the lawsuit brought against Governor Walz by members of the legislature and the Free Minnesota Coalition. This lawsuit challenges Governor Walz’s authority to declare a peacetime emergency and unilaterally write law. The appellate court will rule in the coming weeks.Since the New House Republican Caucus is part of the coalition filing suit, we issued the following statement:
“We are disappointed by many of the statements made in today’s case. Judge Larkin proposed that Governor Walz should be given the authority to veto the legislature’s decision to terminate his peacetime emergency powers. This would make it impossible to ever end a Governor’s peacetime emergency in the future. The judges also raised questions about whether the plaintiffs had standing as individual legislators rather than the body as a whole, and whether the claim had to wait until after both bodies of the legislature had agreed to end the peacetime emergency.

We have endured one-man rule for too long, which has resulted in innumerable hardships and losses for Minnesotans; however, we remain hopeful that we will see a restoration of freedom for the people of Minnesota. No governor should be able to unilaterally write law for an indefinite period of time. This is a gross abuse of power, and it needs to be corrected by the courts.”

Regardless of how the court rules, the real problem exists in the statutes as written that grant the Governor the ability to declare a state of emergency to begin with. The only way to FIX the problem is to remove the ability for one person to govern the entire state.  This is why I’ll be introducing legislation to eliminate state of emergency powers being granted to the Executive branch.Paycheck-Protection-Program; Walz demands even more When Walz closed down businesses last year it left many restaurants and bars holding the bill for months as they were forced to close. Many were forced to apply for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) to cover overhead and payroll expenses. This was the last thing many Minnesotan businesses wanted to do, asking for help is never easy and I can imagine the frustration when the only thing forcing you to do so is the Governor. Unfortunately, many business owners who received PP grants or loans are now being told to expect to pay taxes on it. They are treating it as income.

Like many business owners I am furious, how can the same man who forced them to close, who put them in the position where they had to ask for help now turn around and hold out his hand asking for more. It is because of things like this people distrust government. Restaurant and bar owners now have a target on their back and the Governor is the one holding the gun.I have sponsored a bill, HF1262, which would forgive state income taxes on these forgiven PPP loans and prevent the Governor from praying on those who have been forced to make some of the biggest sacrifices for the last year.
Heating assistance
There is still assistance available to income-eligible households (both owners and renters) for home heating bills and furnace repairs. The State’s Energy Assistance Program can help by providing financial assistance, such as:     
Pay past due energy bills to avoid disconnection     
Purchase fuel for delivery in emergencies     
Repair or replace homeowners’ malfunctioning furnaces.

The application period is open until May 31 this year, and you can find more information and links to apply at the Minnesota Department of Commerce website

Voting is Now Open!
Some of my favorites were:
Darth Blader
Plowin’ in the Wind
Snobi Wan Kenobi
The Truck Formerly Known as Plow
Plowy mcPlowFace
For Your Ice Only
Salt Fitzgerald
L’Plow du Nord

Unfortunately,  “Rocks and Plows” didn’t make the final list.
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If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me or my office. We are still attempting to provide regular contact remotely so if you have other needs, please email my Legislative Assistant, Grayson, at Grayson.mcnew@house.mn.Watch the Minnesota House on Public TVVideo: Streaming Website. Also you can watch committees and Floor Sessions on YouTube.

Support MN Medical Doctors Fundraiser

An alarming and growing trend across the country is that medical doctors are targeted and persecuted by state Medical Boards for giving their patients true informed consent. We’ve seen it recently in Minnesota with former Senator / Dr. Scott Jensen and Dr. Bob Zajac. Watch more at Ben Swann’s Reality Check: 

Freedom warriors, please help support doctors in their fight for informed consent. Health Choice Minnesota has a $10,000 match! Donate on the Health Choice Minnesota page through the Health Choice Legal Defense Fund 501c3. VSCM is an affiliate to Health Choice Minnesota and Health Choice National.