Bad legislation – call your rep

HF 604 – would make Governor Walz’ mask mandate into permanent law. It would require you and me to wear a face covering anytime we are in a public building or business and it would fine us for noncompliance. Business owners who don’t comply – well, they face up to 90 days of jail time.

Youth sport mask mandate discussion Feb 10, 2021, Committee on Health and Human Services Finance and Policy: MN Department of Health: public testimony. Starts at about 1-hour mark.

HF 397, introduced by Rep. Freiberg (DFL) – would allocate our tax dollars to fund PR efforts to increase vaccine uptake and vaccine coercion. When every mainstream media outlet and almost every doctor already encourages and pushes vaccines, this money is not wisely allocated or needed. 

HF 397 – A bill for an act relating to health; appropriating money for contracts to provide COVID-19 messages, information, and community engagement services to diverse communities and populations in the state.

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