Rally this Monday! Protect choice.

If the proposed bills pass (House 2634, Senate 2554), MN parents’ lose the right to exempt their children from vaccination, as the bill will eliminate the conscientious objection, leaving only the medical exemption remaining. States that have similarly removed all exemptions except medical find that doctors quickly stop signing any medical exemption paperwork as thoseContinue reading “Rally this Monday! Protect choice.”

Gov. Walz Rescinds All Occupancy Requirements On Churches Following Lawsuit

Democratic Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz rescinded occupancy requirements on the state’s houses of worship earlier this week following a lawsuit from the Thomas More Society and voter initiatives to recall him. Walz’s Executive Order 21-11, which was approved on March 15, 2021, lifted the last remaining restriction on church attendance in Minnesota, which had capped occupancy atContinue reading “Gov. Walz Rescinds All Occupancy Requirements On Churches Following Lawsuit”

MN small business owner takes on the government to maintain her freedom

Listen to the incredible story thus far from Lisa, small business owner of The Interchange restaurant in Albert Lea, Minnesota. The state and county and city has been persecuting her and her livelihood since December 2020. Lisa complied with all executive ‘orders’ from the governor in 2020 until December, when she faced permanent closure andContinue reading “MN small business owner takes on the government to maintain her freedom”

Momentum building on Ending Walz’ Emergency Powers

Update from Action 4 Liberty, 3/18/21 Momentum is building on Ending Walz’ Emergency Powers. After a whole Year of being under the orders of a tyrannical Governor, the masses are starting to say enough is enough!  First off, Action 4 Liberty is committed to the long term battle to ensure this NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN. SoContinue reading “Momentum building on Ending Walz’ Emergency Powers”


Jay Duggan March 10, 2021 Dr. Scott Jensen (formerly State Senator for Carver County) will be announcing he is running for governor. reports Bring Me The News. A lifelong Minnesotan with a 20 year medical practice in Chaska, he retired from the Senate last year. Dr. Jensen has remained politically active during the Walz COVID “emergency”,Continue reading “DR JENSEN ANNOUNCES FOR GOV!”

27% US household now receive income from government

Stat of the Week – 27%That is the total percentage of all household income across the country that is now reported to be sourced from government spending.  This dramatic increase is largely attributed to the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, which saw total spending on Personal Current Transfer payments, such as unemployment benefits and government stimulusContinue reading “27% US household now receive income from government”

Update from Action 4 Liberty

Do you remember “Give us 15 days to slow the spread”?!  We are approaching the one-year anniversary of that lie. We are approaching one whole year of Governor Walz’ unilateral declaration of Emergency Powers.  These lies have led to businesses being closed down, healthy people ordered to stay in their homes, youth athletes to wearContinue reading “Update from Action 4 Liberty”

Countdown to 1 Year of ‘Emergency Powers’: 18 days

Update from Rep. Erik Mortenson, District 55A In 18 days, on March 13th, we will have been under one-man rule for a FULL YEAR.  We are tired.  We are dismayed.  But we are going to make sure this never happens again.  NEVER AGAIN, will we the people accept the shutting down of our Democratic Process andContinue reading “Countdown to 1 Year of ‘Emergency Powers’: 18 days”

Legislative update from Rep. Erik Mortensen – District 55A

Monday, February 22nd, 2021 I hope folks are starting to thaw out from the polar vortex because things are starting to heat-up at the capitol. The DFL ramrodded through HF445 which would create the $35 Million S.A.F.E account to pay for the destruction in Minneapolis and St. Paul last summer. It also helps reimburse police officers thatContinue reading “Legislative update from Rep. Erik Mortensen – District 55A”

Support MN Medical Doctors Fundraiser

An alarming and growing trend across the country is that medical doctors are targeted and persecuted by state Medical Boards for giving their patients true informed consent. We’ve seen it recently in Minnesota with former Senator / Dr. Scott Jensen and Dr. Bob Zajac. Watch more at Ben Swann’s Reality Check:  Freedom warriors, please helpContinue reading “Support MN Medical Doctors Fundraiser”