Covid – the basics

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Has the virus been found?
Authors of all research papers that have been published concerning the existence of a SAR-cov virus which causes covid19 were contacted/questioned, and all responded, answering — ‘no, we have not isolated the virus’., and

However, some are claiming things have changed….

Some say the virus’ genome was created using computer modeling
Scientists took a sample of tissue from a human, put it in a petri dish with toxic chemicals, put it under magnification, and pulled out bits of this and bits of that. None of these bits comprised an entire sequence of an organism or virus. They then took these bits, fed them into a computer, and the computer modeled an entire sequence, essentially filling in the gaps.

What is the truth? We may not know yet, but we DO know it is not a respiratory infection…

They said it was a respiratory infection, but it is NOT.
It presents as hypoxia, the same way that SARS and MERS did in the earlier 2000s. People are getting a hypoxic illness regardless even if they haven’t identified the viral cause OR the environmental cause. You can see this doctor talk about this fact, and his superiors were trying to force him to ventilate his patients. He was ‘reassigned’ after releasing this video.

Environmental health hazards

Government Corruption

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