Minnesotan Community Information

We are learning together, so please share information that might enrich the educational aspects of the website/other Minnesotans (send to MinnesotanLive@gmail.com), including struggle, progress and success you experience as you work to secure freedoms in your county. Let’s build on each other’s efforts! Your information will always be kept confidential. 

Email notifications may be sent to subscribers when important information presents, including but not limited to information about rallies, and updates on legal actions underway.  Don’t worry – communications will be infrequent.  Visit the website as the primary way to receive updates. 

The Minnesotan Community is primarily dedicated to helping citizens of the United States and/or United States Citizens gain knowledge about the governmental structures of and within the State of Minnesota, and how to interact with those structures to restore freedoms oppressed during responses to Covid-19, while we are on our way to actualizing Minnesota and the People, body and soul, who populate it.

the Minnesotan Community team

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