MN small business owner takes on the government to maintain her freedom

Listen to the incredible story thus far from Lisa, small business owner of The Interchange restaurant in Albert Lea, Minnesota. The state and county and city has been persecuting her and her livelihood since December 2020.

Lisa complied with all executive ‘orders’ from the governor in 2020 until December, when she faced permanent closure and bankruptcy. Governor Walz’ order to close restaurants down again, and Lisa refused to close. The MN government machine moved in to make an example of her, and the assault began:

  • cease and desist
  • court ordered temporary restraining order from conducting business
  • $3,000 a day daily fine for refusing to close
  • ‘non-forgivable’ judgment of $9,000
  • threats to remove liquor license and business license
  • criminal complaint #1 – six charges of criminal behavior,
  • criminal complaint #2 – three more criminal charges, jail time and fines for each,
  • violations of due process,
  • attempts at physical and psychological intimidation, threats to impose unreasonable and oppressive bail.

She is fighting for all of us. Our freedom is under siege. Listen, learn and support Lisa Hanson! Find even more details in the second video below.

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