Momentum building on Ending Walz’ Emergency Powers

Update from Action 4 Liberty, 3/18/21

Momentum is building on Ending Walz’ Emergency Powers. After a whole Year of being under the orders of a tyrannical Governor, the masses are starting to say enough is enough! 

First off, Action 4 Liberty is committed to the long term battle to ensure this NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN. So I’m happy to announce that the Unilateral Emergency Powers Repeal Act, known as the Never Again Bill, just got three new co-authors today because of your calls and emails.

Thanks to Representatives John Poston, Steve Drazkowski and Tim Miller for getting on board! Let’s keep the momentum and make this extremely important legislation the new law of the land!

Now, onto some even more exciting and encouraging news. The Minnesota Senate voted today for the first time since the new legislature took office, to End Walz’ Emergency Powers. On a vote of 38-29, there’s a large majority of Senators who think it’s time for our Republic to be restored.

More importantly, four Democrat senators joined all Republicans today in voting the right way. FOUR DEMOCRATS!

That means if the house members in those senators’ districts voted the same way as their senator, then Walz’ Emergency Powers would be terminated immediately! 

One of the Democrat senators that voted with us today is Senator David Tomassoni from Senate District 6. We know his Senate district quite well because we moved our field team up there in February. We moved up there because the two Con Artist House Reps in his district, Julie Sandstede and Dave Liselgard, reneged on their votes from last year. Instead of listening to their constituents, they are taking orders from the Metro Democrat Party Bosses who tell them they must protect Walz’ Emergency Powers.

Our pressure is so intense for Sandstede that she is jumping through hoops to save our own butt. First, she wrote a special column in the Mesabi Tribune. But that didn’t convince enough of her voters. Secondly, she had the House Sergeant of Arms office call us to get us to remove our digital ads against her. But we didn’t obey. 

You Can Help Fund Those Ads

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