Countdown to 1 Year of ‘Emergency Powers’: 18 days

Update from Rep. Erik Mortenson, District 55A

In 18 days, on March 13th, we will have been under one-man rule for a FULL YEAR.  We are tired.  We are dismayed.  But we are going to make sure this never happens again.  NEVER AGAIN, will we the people accept the shutting down of our Democratic Process and the blatant disregard for our state and U.S. Constitution.

I’m working on several pieces of legislation to make sure we never have 1 man or woman ruling our entire state for a year.  

Last weekend a constituent of mine sent me a letter about how the last year of her daughter’s life has been negatively impacted by Governor Walz’ unconstitutional and immoral executive orders.  She asked that I make sure Governor Walz received her letter.  I agreed to hand deliver it to the Governor’s office.  

After receiving inquiries on Facebook about her letter, and getting permission from the author I wanted to share this letter with you.


Yesterday, I placed her letter into an envelop and walked over to Governor Walz’ office to make this special delivery by hand.  Unfortunately, at 2:15pm on a Monday, nobody was in the Governor’s office and the phone number on the door that visitors were instructed to call to speak to staff didn’t even ring – it just went right to voicemail.

I’m struck by the stark contrast:

A.  One elected official at work, in the Capitol, hand delivering concerns of a constituent.

B.  The second elected official not at work, phone doesn’t ring and no staff available.  Just a locked, empty office with no public access.

As we approach a full year of executive edicts with no end in sight I urge you to not only contact your lawmakers but participate in civil disobedience.  Do so in an open and public manner.  Inspire others to follow suit. 

There is no longer an emergency.  We’ve lived with this virus, and many others, for a long time now.  The data has been evident for months – this virus poses next to zero risk for large segments of the population.  We can both protect the vulnerable AND live our lives.

Twenty years ago today I lost my Uncle Kary to cancer.  He was 42 years old – the same age as I am now.  

So for me there will be no more forced “Sacrifices” and no more nonsensical rules.  I will be living my life TODAY because there’s no guarantee of tomorrow.  I encourage you to do the same. 

Help me continue this fight to Make Walz Pay for violating our rights and Constitution. Stay updated about this battle by visiting

With Liberty,

Erik Mortensen (Mort)

Minnesota State Representative – District 55A

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