Bill introduced to mandate masks

A group of legislators introduced a bill in the Minnesota House that would make Governor Walz’ mask mandate into permanent law. It would require you and me to wear a face covering anytime we are in a public building or business and it would fine us for noncompliance. Business owners who don’t comply – well, they face up to 90 days of jail time.

Sound familiar? This bill just mirrors what Governor Walz decreed already last summer. But unlike his illegal, unconstitutional and unilateral dictate, this would codify things into law. 

More from the bill: “An acceptable face covering includes a paper or disposable mask, cloth face mask, scarf, bandana, neck gaiter, or religious face covering. The following items are not acceptable face coverings: a mask that incorporates a valve to facilitate easy exhaling; mesh mask; or mask with openings, holes, visible gaps in the design or material, or vents.

They are specifically stating that ineffective masks are acceptable masks (but oddly specifying that N95 masks with exhaust ports are not allowed).

Also note this is permanent until the CDC no longer recommends face masks.

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