Update on End Walz’ emergency powers vote in legislature Jan 5, 2021

Democrats (House speaker Melissa Hortman) ignored the Rules of the Minnesota House in order to avoid hearing the Resolution to End Walz’ Emergency Powers. What rules did they ignore?

The rules of the House allow a legislator to introduce a resolution or a bill, 24 hours in advance, and the speaker has to bring it forth on the agenda. Rule 1.11: “Bill of Resolution must be reported and given its first reading when introduced. A bill or resolution must not be objected to when it is introduced.”

A Resolution to vote to end Walz’s emergency powers was introduced by Republicans 24 hours in advance by Rep Erik Mortenson, but the House Speaker didn’t put it on the agenda/order of business at all, thus, ignoring (rule 1.10). The House Speaker also didn’t have a motion to recognize a legislator to make a motion to bring the Resolution to the house floor for a vote (rule 4.30).

Rep Erik Mortenson submitted a Resolution to vote to end Walz’ Emergency Powers 24 hours in advance of the session, but the House Speaker broke the rules by NOT putting the Resolution on the agenda, yet she put OTHER resolutions on the agenda. Thus, she broke rules 1.10 and 4.30. The Speaker says that Mortenson didn’t submit it 24 hours in advance, even though he did. The Speaker later argues that the ‘hopper’ in which resolutions are submitted, is not ‘open’ on the first day of session, which Rep Daudt said is not true.

During the session today, which was the first day of the new session with new, elected reps in the legislature, Rep. Erik Mortenson asked to be recognized and that the Speaker bring the Resolution forward, since she left it out of the agenda.

Speaker ruled him ‘out of order’ after he spoke. Rep Steve Drazkowski district 21B then appealed the Speaker’s out-of-order ruling. After hearing argument from Rep. Ryan Winkler and Rep. Kurt Daudt, the Speaker said that if there were 15 Reps. who raised their hand, that they would take a vote on Rep. Drazkowski’s appeal to decide if Erik Mortenson was out of order, or not.

Remember, this potential vote to support or reject Drazkowski’s APPEAL is not the same as voting to END Emergency Powers…this is just a vote to overrule the Speaker when she said that Rep. Erik Mortenson was ‘out of order’.

15 Reps. indeed raised their hands, and so then a vote took place (by roll call – meaning, it is recorded who votes yes and who votes no), to see if the Speaker’s ruling would be UPHELD. So the vote we would want is ‘No’

Democrats Reps Ecklund, Lislegard, Marquart, Pelowski, Sandstede and Sundin voted AGAINST THE PEOPLE OF MINNESOTA, by voting ‘Yes’.

Star Tribune interviewed House Speaker last week, who said 90 votes were needed, which is a lie. Instead, only 50% + 1 reps need to vote to end Walz Emergency Powers. Sadly, because of the 5 Democrats above, the legislature didn’t even allow a vote to take place to see if Walz’ Emergency Powers would be ended or not.

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