Walz tyranny termination vote fails 62-63 & 150 business to open 12/16

Good and bad news…

Senate Republicans gave you the vote to End Walz’ Emergency Powers yesterday. And to our surprise, six Democrats joined them in terminating Walz’ powers. That shows momentum!

The bad news is that the Resolution failed in a 62-63 vote in the Democrat controlled Minnesota House in the early morning hours today. And this vote happened after Republicans and Democrats passed the Walz’ Shutdown bailout with your tax money. 


It’s depressing watching the political class, uniparty continue to trample on our rights and spend recklessly. But fortunately for us, our civil disobedience strategy seems to be working.

Minnesota heroes Larvita and Jane still REFUSE to obey Governor Walz illegal and unconstitutional orders. Their strength and courage is paving a path for a mass disobedience tomorrow.

150 businesses will be reopening on Wednesday in defiance of Governor Walz. If we can’t get the legislature to do the right thing in December, then ‘We the People’ can take matters in our own hands.

I know what you’re thinking: give me the list of businesses participating in the mass disobedience. As you can imagine, the organizers don’t want to make Keith Ellison’s job easier. So check with your local restaurant and bar – ask them if they plan to open up in defiance of the Governor. 

We hope to completely undermine Governor Walz’ authority. His tyrannical run is coming to an end. The next time the legislature shows up, a new batch of legislators take office. Liberty champions like Erik Mortensen won’t rest until Governor Walz’s Emergency Powers are GONE!

SIDE NOTE: Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Jane Moss Legal Fund yesterday. We’re already 60% of the goal in the first day. That’s amazing!

Make sure to check action4liberty.com for the latest on our fight against Walz’ Illegal Emergency Powers. We need to start building for January when the math is on our side, and we can finally End Walz’ Emergency Powers once and for all!

Information obtained from Action 4 Liberty

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