Update in Lawsuit to Undo Governor Walz’s “Emergency” Powers

As we head into the holiday season, Governor Walz continues to enjoy dictatorial “emergency” powers he first asserted way back in March. The legislature has been sidelined when it comes to making policy and enacting laws. The People have lost their representation.

Now, even as the Michigan Supreme Court just decided that their governor’s exercise of emergency powers violated their state’s constitution, Governor Walz has proclaimed new restrictions on Minnesotans that reach into our homes.

Meanwhile, Minnesota Courts are slow-walking resolution of our important lawsuit challenging the Governor Walz’s unprecedented, and unending seizure of unilateral legislative power.

We need your support to end this outrageous power grab. Your contribution to the First Liberties Defense Fund can make the difference.

Free Minnesota, joined by the New House Republican Caucus and other legislators challenged the governor’s emergency power declarations and orders in a lawsuit filed in May. After frequently overturned left-wing judge Thomas Gilligan dismissed the case, the coalition filed immediately for appeal and asked the Minnesota Supreme Court to examine the case on an expedited basis, since it is a constitutional question that will likely end up before the high court, anyhow.

Disappointingly, the Supreme Court denied expedited review, first requiring a hearing in the Minnesota Court of Appeals. This move allows the governor to continue bypassing the legislature and exercising dictatorial powers even longer while our case is slow-walked through the legal process.

Our lawsuit remains the best chance for restoring the constitutional balance of power in Minnesota’s government and costs continue to accrue as the case is dragged out. The Michigan Supreme Court case was a big win for the rule of law! It weighs heavily in our favor as a persuasive authority and we need your help to see this through.

Throughout history, those who’ve assumed dictatorial powers are loathe to relinquish them. They have to be forced.

Make a contribution to the First Liberties Defense Fund to help us restore the legislature to its constitutional place as the lawmaking body and representatives of the People.

Attorney Erick Kaardal of Mohrman, Kaardal & Erickson, PA is representing Free Minnesota in this landmark case.

Information obtained from www.FreeMinnesota.net

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