Help end Walz “Powers”

Another House Democrat came our way on Ending Walz’ Emergency Powers. 

We went into Friday’s vote needing five Democrats to turn against their Party’s governor, and we got one more. But getting these remaining four is proving to be quite the feat.

Action 4 Liberty is prepared to go directly to the voters in these four vulnerable Democratic districts. These four democrats have conservative opponents who would make great state reps come November. If we can’t end Walz’ Emergency Powers during the October Special Session, then the legislators who stand with Walz must be voted out in November’s election. Real lives are at stake.

A small business in Hastings is being fined by Walz’ Small Business Hit Squad for nearly $8k because an employee wasn’t wearing a mask. It’s hard enough for these business to make ends meet after the Governor shut them down for two months, now he’s penalizing them for non-compliance with his illegal orders.

Challenge Walz’ illegal orders and you are likely to find yourself in court or paying large fines. Walz went after Kris Schiffler back in May for opening his restaurant early. Kris was faced with the dilemma: suffer one more week of no revenue and see his business fail or defy the governor and stand a chance of turning a profit.

Walz even went after the North Star Stampede Rodeo in Effie. I was chatting with the legislative candidate up there yesterday and it sounds like folks are still fed up with the Governor’s overreach in their neck of the woods.

Is this the Minnesota you want?

Of course the Democrat representatives in these areas could care less that their Party’s Governor is harming their constituents. So it’s our job to let the voters know the truth!

We’re taking our message directly to voters in their districts so they know exactly how they are killing businesses and trampling on our civil liberties. As politicians like Brad Tabke are campaigning, we’ll be there telling voters in 55A how Brad puts Walz ahead of them!

If you like the commercial above and want to help get it on the air, donate to Action 4 Liberty, so voters in Brad Tabke’s district know that Tabke is killing small business and infringing on our liberties by protecting Tim Walz.


Last week, we were able to put this commercial in front of over 12,000 voters in Tabke’s district. Help us get these commercials out to tens of thousands more this election season by donating today.

In Liberty,

Jake Duesenberg

President, Action 4 Liberty

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