Legislature Vote to end Governor ‘Powers’ Derailed

The legislature was called to convene in St. Paul on August 12, 2020 for the sole purpose of voting on if the governor’s Emergency ‘Powers’ should be ended. However, the speaker Hortman (651-296-4280) didn’t allow a clean vote on the resolution to End Walz’ Emergency Powers.

We need you to contact seven legislators below and tell them to stand up to Speaker Hortman and vote to End Walz’ Emergency Powers.

Fill up their inboxes and phone lines with this message:

Rep _______, we Minnesotans demand a vote on Walz’ Emergency Powers when you convene on Wednesday. Don’t let Speaker Hortman block a clean vote on the Resolution. And stop protecting Walz’ Emergency Powers after 150 days. I hold you responsible. You have a duty to vote on the Resolution according to Statute 12.31. Vote YES and don’t let Democrat leadership stop a clean vote.

Rep Rob Ecklund – 651-296-2190 / rep.rob.ecklund@house.mn

Rep Jeanne Poppe – 651-296-4193 / rep.jeanne.poppe@house.mn

Rep Dan Wolgamott – 651-296-6612 / rep.dan.wolgamott@house.mn

Rep Jeff Brand – 651-296-8634 / rep.jeff.brand@house.mn

Rep Brad Tabke – 651-296-8872 / rep.brad.tabke@house.mn

Rep Zach Stephenson – 651-296-5513 / rep.zack.stephenson@house.mn

Rep John Persell – 651-296-5516 / rep.john.persell@house.mn

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